Face It Calgary



The fact is homelessness is a growing issue in our city but it’s an issue that we can do a lot to change. In Calgary on any given night, over 3500 people are homeless. The true face of homelessness may not be the image that first comes to mind. People without a home include those with jobs, women fleeing violence, children and the elderly.

  • FACT: At least 40% of Calgary‚Äôs homeless population is employed
  • FACT: Nearly 300 children under 18 years of age are homeless in Calgary
  • FACT: On any given night, 160 families sleep in Calgary shelters
  • FACT: 65% of women at risk of experiencing homelessness reported being a victim of domestic violence

Here in Calgary, 14,000 households are at risk of becoming homeless and having their lives changed forever.

  • FACT: Each month 60,000 Albertans rely on food banks and 43% of them are children
  • FACT: In Alberta, 63% of shelter users are in Calgary, compared with 28% in Edmonton and Edmonton has over double the affordable housing of Calgary
  • FACT: It’s estimated between 15,000 and 17,000 different people use an emergency shelter at least once every year in Calgary

Our aim, as part of the 10 Year Plan to End Homelessness in Calgary, is that by 2018 no one sleeps outside or stays in an emergency shelter for more than one week before moving to a safe, decent, affordable home with the support needed to sustain it. It is two to three times more economical to provide housing and support compared with using emergency and mainstream systems such as hospitals or jails.

  • FACT: People with low level needs can be housed for $4000 per year
  • FACT: Studies indicate that homeless people with the highest needs incur system costs of $100,000 per year and many have been homeless for a decade or more
  • FACT: 34% of Calgarians know someone who experienced homelessness and 50% of Calgarians know someone who was close to homelessness
  • FACT: It costs two to three times less to end homelessness than it does to manage it

Let’s not ignore homelessness. Let’s face it.