Face It Calgary


Get Involved


Let’s Face It Calgary and help instigate change. We can each make a difference through a few small actions that can garner big results.

  • UNDERSTAND the issues, follow us on Facebook or Twitter and get in touch with the agencies who are battling homelessness in Calgary, read Calgary’s Plan to End Homelessness: People First in Housing First.
  • DONATE your time, money, clothing, food or whatever you have to give.
  • EDUCATE yourself and pass on your knowledge to friends and family.
  • BE PART OF THE SOLUTION by offering employment, affordable housing or job training.
  • CONTACT your Councillor, MLA or MP urging them to do all they can to end homelessness in Calgary.

AND SMILE, acknowledge people you meet experiencing homelessness, say hello and start a dialogue. You may get more out of it than you could ever imagine.

Face It Calgary is a partnership of many of Calgary’s non-profits dedicated to ending homelessness in our city. We support Calgary’s Plan to End Homelessness and encourage you to do the same. The Face It Calgary campaign aims to increase Calgarian’s awareness of and involvement with agencies working to prevent and address homelessness. By visiting our agencies page you can find an organization whose goals closely match your own for addressing the very human problems facing the thousands of Calgarians at risk of or experiencing homelessness. To learn more about what you can do to play a part, please visit: I Heart Home YYC.  Please get involved in any way you can. We appreciate your feedback.